I talked about this a little above, but I’ll touch on it again – I got sick of the event management solutions out there, so I rolled my own. Not only is it free to use, it’s also open source!


In the middle of 2015, I was moving from my apartment to a new house, and that meant packing up all of my books. (I have a lot of books). Once I moved, I wanted to make sure I could categorize everything properly, so I built ISBN2Dewey to help me set everything up in my library upstairs. I then released it to positive feedback from librarians and other people with a similar need.


In late 2014, I conceived the idea of a platform where craft beer lovers across the United States could trade local brews with each other. As 2016 moves forward, I’m coordinating with some friends across the country and some Buffalo-area developers to make this idea a reality. Check out MaltSwap on Twitter or on the website at