• Refined skills in server administration and web programming.
  • Experience working in a high stress, multi-dimensional, and dynamic work environment.
  • Certified with Amazon Web Services and versed in scalable cloud-based systems

Work Experience

IT Services Support Administrator January 2018 – Present

Independent Health, Amherst, NY

IT Administrator June 2013 – January 2018

Mainstreethost, Amherst, NY

  • Sped up website hosting and increased efficiency by migrating our web and database servers from Windows to Linux
  • Experience with load balancing servers, both on-premises and in the cloud
  • Cut physical datacenter footprint by > 30% by introducing XenServer virtualization
  • Streamlined and automated many processes using Jenkins CI, improving efficiency by up to 80% on some tasks
  • Led migration to Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, cutting operational time spent on certificate issuance and installation by over 50%
  • Implemented osTicket system to help Operations track issues and cut issue response times
  • Created a MediaWiki knowledge base to help Operations document and standardize processes
  • Lead maintainer of the PHP-based internal company dashboard: developed tools to help streamline employee workflows
  • Created jQuery-based server monitor (now in public development)
  • Certified as an AWS Solutions Architect to provide support and guidance during company adoption of cloud services
  • Designed and implemented scaling, multi-tier architecture with full CI support for custom coded applications in the AWS cloud

RTA Coordinator/Supervisor June 2012 – May 2013

Student Affairs Information Technology, University of Montana, Missoula, MT

  • Supervised nine student employees and supported 400+ staff workstations throughout the Division of Student Affairs
  • Designed and conducted comprehensive training sessions for new employees and special training sessions for interested employees
  • Researched, recommended and purchased hardware/software solutions for staff in Student Affairs
  • Supervised and supported Student Affairs IT (SAIT) help desk for students and Student Affairs staff
  • Managed and implemented the replacement of the old Student Affairs print server, serving 100+ printers to all staff
  • Managed approximately 200 IGEL thin clients and supported Citrix desktop sessions
  • Managed and maintained a SpiceWorks server for internal reporting and inventory
  • Performed personnel work such as discipline, terminating employees, and conducting performance reviews
  • Performed Dell warranty work as a certified desktop, laptop, and printer technician

Resident Technology Assistant June 2011 – June 2012

Student Affairs Information Technology, University of Montana, Missoula, MT

  • Provided hardware, software, and network support for UM students’ personal machines
  • Provided desktop support for Student Affairs users in Windows XP/Vista/7 + Mac OS X computing environments
  • Implemented a Squid proxy server and content filter for public computer labs
  • Implemented a custom digital signage solution using embedded-OS thin clients
  • Wrote and edited two University of Montana newsletters
  • Enforced student compliance with Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  • Completed inventory of all supported staff workstations



I built FastInviter as a response to a perceived need to easily schedule events and manage RSVP’s easily. It’s done in the CodeIgniter PHP framework, which I’m very comfortable with. While it hasn’t really taken off, I’m still very proud of it; it’s a great feeling to build something and have it work, and I enjoy challenging myself outside of my work environment.


As a server administrator, I love being able to see exactly what my servers are doing at any given time, but there wasn’t really a good piece of software out there that fit my needs. I loved the depth of data that Zabbix or Nagios gave me as well as the historical views, but trying to fit twenty-plus servers into one view just wasn’t happening. To solve this problem, I wrote a jQuery-based API frontend for Zabbix that organized server data into one easy-to-digest view and released it for public development on GitHub as zabbixweb. This is one of my favorite projects both because it’s still being actively developed and because it was a great way to bring some web skills into the server administration sphere.


  • Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect – Associate – 02/2016-02/2018
  • Dell Online Self Dispatch Desktop/Notebook/Printer – 07/2012-07/2013
  • CompTIA A+ – 03/2013


B.A., Political Science, University of Montana, Missoula, MT (September 2008 – May 2013)

  • Minor in Music


Available on request.